About me: Anat Shabi

I am a communications coach with years of sales and marketing experience in the pharmaceutical industry. I successfully draw the best out of people, by growing their unique style of communication and augmenting it with impactful non-verbal techniques.

By increasing focus on non-verbal communications, my workshops help build confidence and develop a more personal style of communication. This is ideal for presentations, pitches, workshops, and creating great first impressions.

My goal is to guide you to communicate your best.

I achieve this though workshops or individual consultations, which combine my coaching and NLP skills with years of experience in communications.

I currently split my time between London and Tel-Aviv, two of my favourite cities.

Presenting with impact

Everyone has something to convey, a story to tell, or an experience to share.

It may be knowledge, a product, or an insight gained with years of trial and error. Communicated effectively, these can change the way we think, feel, or even the way we act.

With our audience, on average, listening for just 50% of the time, the challenge is engaging them in a memorable way. How to deliver our messages with confidence and impact so that the audience connects with us, trusts us, and are moved.

Using a proven and tailored approach, I concentrate on 3 key areas:

  • An engaging flow
  • Your non-verbal communications
  • Personal stories

I have coached hundreds of professionals globally for improved communications, with rapid, and moving results.

Anat Shabi - Where it all began

Where it all began

When I was 10, my family moved from Tel-Aviv to London. The change from a sunny, colourful city by the sea, to a grey and rainy one by the river, was marked. Facial expression, hand gestures and decibels of voice became smaller and almost disappeared. And since I was trying hard to fit in and be like everyone else, I began to mimic this behavior and reduce my non-verbal communications.

In doing so, I left my unique style and identity behind. And it was only later on in life, when I developed my own non-verbal communication skills that I began to connect more with my identity and my audience.

Simplified communications

You may have a great presentation, a revolutionary product, idea or initiative.

The challenge is getting your message across.

What seems clear and obvious to you could be total jargon to your audience.

Furthermore, irrespective of their background, your audience will tire of facts, figures and statistics.

In order for your story or idea, to live in the minds of your audience beyond your presentation, they need to connect with you.

Simple slides, with appropriate visuals and stories provide a successful alternative to getting your message across, in a memorable way.

I have many years of experience, in the pharmaceutical industry, simplifying highly technical materials to keep the audience absorbed.

ענת שבי - המלצות
Within slightly less than 4 hours, Anat instilled some very helpful techniques and tips for improving presentation skills in our sales, presales, and technical teams. I’d not only recommend Anat to other organizations, but I would consider inviting her for additional workshops.
Susan Becker,
Global Marketing Manager
Waterfall Security Solutions

Success at interviews

Your body language speaks volumes about you!

The way you stand, move, and use your voice creates a strong first impression, in very little time.

In order to ensure there is a connection with the interviewer, I use body language skills to enhance communications. I work with people to present their best version, by bringing out their personality and their unique set of skills.

I have years of experience of interviewing and running assessment days for prospective candidates. I use my expertise and insights to prepare interviewees to present their best.

ענת שבי - המלצות
Anat gave us each custom advice forged to our needs, mistakes and tendencies. The result speaks for itself, all three of us were accepted at top tier law firms.
3rd year Law student.
video-interview - Anat shabi
Ms. Anat Shabi

BPharm. MBA

Available for 1:1 coaching or group workshops.
English and Hebrew.


Tel Aviv : +972 525 565 031
 London: +44 796 337 4046