A pharmacist turned facilitator and business coach I work closely with managers in the healthcare sector. Together we uncover the values, strengths and working preferences of individuals in their teams, thus providing a strong platform for growth and success. This is achieved through the design and delivery of a variety of bespoke offerings.

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My services – the what and the how:

The What

Pragmatic offerings tailored to your business

The How

Three key principles guide the way I design my offerings

About Me

An experienced business coach and facilitator

Success through design and delivery



My workshops are innovative, experiential and are tailored to meet your business needs. High engagement is gained through facilitation with kinaesthetic tools such as LegoSeriousPlay. Initially designed as a strategic planning tool, incorporated into my workshops it has successfully stimulated creative thinking, and helped raise awareness of the values and strenghts within teams. The process of building models to a specific outcome and then sharing it with others helps promote a flow of thinking, simplify complexity and engender deep connections among participants. This is particularly useful when seeking to build, connect and strengthen teams either face to face or remotely.



Combining my coaching and NLP expertise I work closely with individuals to identify and build on their strengths and achieve their development goals. Awareness of self is imperative to growth and together we uncover and explore mindsets and beliefs that hinder or promote achievement. I am passionate, honest, and challenging in my approach, helping other professionals stretch beyond their mindsets and goals.



If you like your communications complex, stop reading now. I coach for simple, engaging communications and have enabled many scientists and researchers to navigate through complex data and build and present inspiring talks. This is augmented by observing and coaching around the non-verbal communications to help create more engaging and memorable presentations.

What My Clients Say About Me

1 to 1 Coaching

“Anat helped focus my thinking at a critical transition time for me in my career. Her calm, approachable manner with seamless questioning to get to the nub of any issues and encourage deep personal reflection, was of huge value and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone facing any business challenges no matter how big or small.”

Jessica Pacey
CEO, 67Health

Creative Workshops

What makes these workshops unique is their engaging nature as everybody attending builds simple models and shares their stories in a fun way. The most valuable thing is how this approach got us sharing emotions quickly, helped increase awareness of personal strengths and also to explore mindsets. They work exceptionally well face to face and also remotely. Anat sets up a relaxed and safe learning environment to ensure delegates get enormous value from the experience. Highly recommended!

Graham Franklin
MD, Consultant & Coach
Graham Franklin Associates

Creative Workshops

“Anat’s Lego workshop gave me new perspectives and new skills. I was surprised at how much I learnt about myself, just through building and sharing my Lego models. These workshops are a great way to recharge (afterwards I felt as though I’d been to a spa for a day, I was so relaxed). Our family has now resurrected our big box of Lego and we use it to connect and tell our stories to each other.  I would highly recommend for professionals, for kids or just to learn about yourself”

Liz Ainslie
Business Facilitator

Presentation Skills

“Anat did a fantastic job helping me to enhance both the content and delivery of my keynote speeches. She has a talent for identifying small changes that will have a big impact, particularly when it comes to the flow of a presentation and engaging an audience. I highly recommend Anat if you’re looking for a coach to take your presentations to the next level.”

Anna Hemming
Olympian & World Champion

MD, Beyond the Barriers

Three traits guide the way I do business


Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it has opened unexpected doors, led to work in beautiful cities, and has helped me to better understand my colleagues and clients.

Curiosity has taught me what makes for a successful business, what gets in the way, and how to best collaborate to overcome this.

My first aim, prior to any offering design, is to understand your challenges and assess whether I am the right person to help meet your needs. I shall be inquisitive, ask lots of questions and strive to get to the heart of what you require.


I’m going to come clean here. I’m a stickler for clarity.  English is not my first language, and striving to understand and be understood by others at a young age is likely to have left me with this valuable trait.

My second aim is to clarify your needs and be transparent about how my offerings can help address them.

At a time when we’re overwhelmed with communication, gaining clarity is refreshing and ensures we set off in the right direction to achieve our joint goal.


Whilst we all have our own preferred style of learning, one of the most powerful ways of embedding learning is putting it into practice.

My workshops are specifically designed to offer an experience which enables participants to explore the learning further and discover the benefits for themselves.

My third aim is to introduce innovative, creative solutions for you and your team to consolidate the learning and inspire further growth.

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About Me

An experienced facilitator and business performance coach with over a decade of medical, marketing and management experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Having qualified as a Pharmacist initially, I have worked at many teaching hospitals in London, becoming involved in education and training. This was followed by a career at GlaxoSmithKline where I led several teams to personal growth, business development and award-winning achievements. I now run my own consultancy business working predominantly in the healthcare sector.

I’m based in London, and having worked and lived in several countries I am sensitive to other cultures and adapt quickly to their ways of working.

Most appreciated by my clients for: authenticity, commitment, kindness, creativity and energy.

Little known fact: I’m a keen paddle boarder, I’m more likely to explore a city through its rivers than its roads.

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