Helping you build happy, supportive, and successful teams

As a healthcare leader, manager, and coach you always want the best for your team.

It’s a fine balance between managing internal and external pressures, driving high performance, and supporting personal wellbeing. It’s not easy. You don’t always know what individuals in your team need to be at their best, and they don’t always tell you.

As a leader you know you have great resources and capabilities within your team but are just not getting the best out of them. You could be achieving so much more together.

If you’re looking to create an environment where people feel valued, supported, and empowered to reach their full potential, to reach and exceed your goals, take a look at how I can help you.

Our Services

How can I help you and your business?

Experiential Workshops

The solutions are always in the room

My experiential workshops are tailored to your business needs and are designed to uncover and build on the existing knowledge and experience of your team. Sessions help participants explore their thinking, and reach solutions beyond traditional logical thinking. The resulting levels of engagement in these creative sessions lead to high accountability, motivation and action taking.

One of my most popular and impactful tools is Lego®SeriousPlay®.

One-to-one coaching

Changing mindsets and improving performance

Together we explore and uncover the beliefs and mindsets that promote or hinder individual progress. You will leave these sessions with greater clarity, strategies for growth and more motivation to act.

1:1 coaching as a follow-on to my workshops is a great way of keeping the learning alive beyond the sessions.

Coaching style: Honest, challenging, kind.

presentation skills

Stand out from the crowd – develop your unique style

It takes a lot of energy to present in someone else’s style, I help you find your individuality. We collaborate to identify and build on your natural strengths, so that you can effortlessly remain yourself.

These skills are amplified with the right non-verbal communications to create engaging and memorable presentations, no matter how complex the data.


Kind Words

Don’t just take it from us.

Hover over the images below to read just some of the lovely feedback we’ve received from our valued clients.

Experiential Workshops

“The most valuable thing is how this approach got us sharing emotions quickly, helped increase awareness of personal strengths and also to explore mindsets. Anat sets up a relaxed and safe learning environment and uses her facilitation skills and expertise to ensure delegates get enormous value from the experience – Highly recommended!”

Graham Franklin, Consultant and Coach

Presentation Skills

“Excellent – a high level of 5 out of 5, even from senior staff. The workshop was simple and highly effective. It flowed really well, it was pragmatic, and there were plenty of opportunities to practice.”

Rachel Puttick – Learning and Development Manager

One to One Coaching

“Anat helped focus my thinking at a critical transition time in my career. Her calm, approachable manner with seamless questioning to get to the nub of any issues and encourage deep personal reflection, was of huge value.”

Jessica Pacey – CEO, 67health


How can you create high performing teams?
Discover new and powerful solutions for growth and productivity.

A new powerful catalyst for mindset change, growth and productivity

As a trainer and coach, I have collected many tools and qualifications, but by far the most impactful has been Lego®SeriousPlay®.

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If you are looking to enhance the dynamic within your team, provide them a safe place that enables them to switch off and tune in – to be in the present and leave feeling recharged? Look no further, LegoSeriousPlay is the workshop for you.

Kim Nielsen - Executive Coach

how we work

Three key steps to designing tailored solutions for your business needs

CURIOSITY: What do you truly need, to help you reach your goals?


My first step ahead of any solution, is to better understand you and your business.

I’ll be getting curious about your vision and ambitions and the challenges getting in your way. Together we’ll be drilling down to get to the heart of what you truly need to support you and your team to reach and exceed your goals.

CLARITY: How clear are your business goals?


The second step is about getting crystal clear on where you are heading.

In an era where everyone is bombarded by communications, gaining clarity will help align everyone, sharpen focus, and ensure you head in the right direction to achieve your shared vision.

I’ll admit I’m a stickler for clarity.  English is not my first language, and striving to understand and be understood from a young age has left me with a quest for simplicity and clarity. It has proved to be a precious trait, valued by my clients.

CREATIVITY: How are you currently inspiring growth and change in your team?


The third step is all about designing solutions tailored to your needs in collaboration with you. Ones that tap into your team’s knowledge, expertise and strengths and so require less energy for further growth and change.

While everyone has their own preferred style of learning, people truly believe what they discover for themselves. I design innovative and creative workshops that enable your team to explore the learning further and discover the benefits for themselves.

It’s a joyful way to learn, and to inspire behavioural change for increased wellbeing, happiness, and productivity.

I love Anat’s Lego®SeriousPlay® sessions. They are enormous fun and quickly get everyone building and sharing. The physical medium lays bare your greatest assets, passions, challenges and best solutions.

Take some protected ‘me-time’ and transform your thinking

Terry Hill - Business Psychologist & Author

Ready to transform your mindset?

Let’s work together!

Learn more about how I can support your needs.

about me

Hi, I’m Anat Shabi

A loyal friend, an honest leader, and a great believer in simplicity and efficiency.

I’m more likely to help you build on the strengths and resources within your team than to have you reinvent the wheel.

A diverse background in healthcare provision, ranging from roles in hospital pharmacy, to management in the Pharmaceutical Industry, to leading a learning and development consultancy.

I now work with leaders, mostly in the healthcare arena, to help shape their leadership style and build happy, supportive, and productive teams. Together we identify and understand team motivators and skills and prioritise mental health wellbeing as an essential component of overall success.

For more about my unique approach, tune into to my guest appearances on these Podcasts:

Anat devotes intensive interest to understanding context and provokes ideas through enlightened questioning. She brings new thinking and ensures that you remain true to your goals. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Anat and highly recommend her.

Elizabeth Williamson - Executive Coach

Most appreciated by my clients for: Authenticity, commitment, kindness, creativity, and can-do attitude.

What I care about:  Mental health wellbeing, supporting women’s football, empowering the underdog.

Little known fact:  A keen cold-water swimmer, I’m currently training to qualify as a free diver.

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